The Best Places to Buy Bitcoin!

The Best Places To Buy Bitcoin in USA and Europe!

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan is the Chief Revenue Officer of The Bitcoin Way and host of The Bitcoin Way Podcast.

The Best Places to Buy Bitcoin!

As we all know, every Bitcoiner's journey begins with curiosity. With enough curiosity comes the discovery that the world's money is broken.

Then, by some serendipitous happenstance, they discover Bitcoin. And it quickly becomes evident: they NEED to get ahold of some of this stuff.

But options for purchasing and accumulating Bitcoin abound, and not all are created equal.

At The Bitcoin Way, our philosophy is that if you are going to do anything - particularly something important - you should do it RIGHT.

And for this reason, we thought we'd share our favorite options to buy Bitcoin.


At The Bitcoin Way, we only recommend transparent, Bitcoin-only companies.

Some have taken bold steps to establish their businesses on sturdy ground. They minimize reliance on third parties, prioritize speed and flexibility for customers, and advocate for self-custody. We not only endorse this approach but can also assist you in getting it right from the start.

Before we get to the "where to buy," let's quickly look at one other consideration.


KYC stands for "know your customer." In many jurisdictions, banks and other financial institutions are required to "know their customers" by collecting particular information about them, such as names, government identification information, addresses, and so on.

No-KYC, on the other hand, means purchasing Bitcoin from a source where your identity is not known. The most private form of doing so (thought it carries with it certain risks) is paying with cash for Bitcoin in-person.

Setting this option aside to consider more a more practical alternative, though, there are peer-to-peer exchanges and similar means by which one could purchase no-KYC Bitcoin.

In general, these options are a bit more complicated. We'd encourage you to reach out to The Bitcoin Way for help if you are interested in this route.


Most people will end up buying some or all of their Bitcoin at an exchange.

An exchange is just what it sounds like - a place to exchange one type of value for another.

In this case, we are talking about exchanging fiat money, whether Euros, dollars, etc., for Bitcoin. Exchanges are typically KYC options because of how they are regulated.

Best Place to Buy in The United States

Our top pick for US customers is River Financial. With a five-year track record, they've established themselves as a trusted player in the Bitcoin industry. As a Bitcoin-only platform, River maintains 100% reserve custody, ensuring your Bitcoin is securely held.

Their straightforward account setup process and emphasis on self-custody make them an excellent choice for those serious about Bitcoin ownership.

Sign up with River here and and receive a Yeti mug, River T-shirt, and a copy of 'The Bitcoin Standard.'"

Best Place to Buy Bitcoin in Europe

In Europe, top choices for buying Bitcoin include Relai and Bringin. Both are excellent for purchases under €100K. Bringin allows instant and secure Bitcoin spending from any wallet, offering a virtual debit card for seamless conversion to Euros, promoting a Bitcoin lifestyle.

Sign up with Bringin

For purchases over €100K, Relai, based in Switzerland, offers a user-friendly mobile app interface, ideal for hassle-free transactions. With concierge-style support for larger buyers and businesses, Relai caters to diverse needs, making it a top choice for Bitcoin purchases in Europe.

If you want to buy a large amount:

Book a call with Relai

After buying Bitcoin, the second-best investment is its security

Buying from trusted exchanges like River, Bringin, or Relai offers a simple and reliable way to accumulate Bitcoin. It's an excellent starting point for most.

Once you purchased your Bitcoin, your next step must be properly securing it in self custody and this is where The Bitcoin Way will assist.

The key is to start stacking Bitcoin to secure your financial future before your options become limited.

Thank you for reading.

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