Welcome to The Bitcoin Way

Welcome to The Bitcoin Way

Founded by Tony, Ahmed, and Endi following the FTX collapse in late 2022, The Bitcoin Way was born from the urgent need for genuine, principled Bitcoin education and services. Ahmed and Endi, childhood friends, connected with Tony on Nostr. Their shared dedication to Bitcoin's ethos helped shape a company that prioritizes correct practices over compromise, teaching clients the intricacies of securely handling Bitcoin.

Our Philosophy

We recognized a gap in the market for hands-on Bitcoin custody education. While the industry offers many high-quality hardware and software solutions, few provide comprehensive education on how to use these tools effectively together. The Bitcoin Way fills this gap by teaching clients not just to store Bitcoin, but also to understand the responsibilities that come with full control over their private and public keys, UTXO management, privacy, security, and the long-term safekeeping of Bitcoin.

Customized Client Experience

The process begins with a free welcome call to tailor our services to each client's specific needs and current setup. Our approach adapts to individual requirements, ensuring relevance and effectiveness.

Concierge White Glove Service

Prior to diving into the technical aspects of Bitcoin management, we establish a private chat group for each client. This concierge white-glove service ensures personalized, direct communication and support throughout the client’s journey with us.

Comprehensive Bitcoin Services

  1. Encrypted Vault Setup: We guide clients through setting up a secure encrypted vault on their computers to safeguard critical backup information.
  2. Wallet Setup and Security: We assist clients with hardware wallet configurations, secure passphrase creation, and multi-signature solutions to fortify their Bitcoin holdings.
  3. Node Installation and Maintenance: Clients are supported in setting up and maintaining a Bitcoin node, empowering them to independently verify transactions and enhance their privacy.
  4. UTXO Management and Privacy Enhancements: We continue to support clients beyond the initial setup, offering advanced services like UTXO management and CoinJoins to improve privacy and efficiency.
  5. Peer-to-Peer Purchase Guidance: Our educational services extend to teaching clients how to securely purchase Bitcoin P2P.

Plan B Residency and Citizenship

We help families and individuals establish residency and citizenship in location that are known to be Bitcoin and freedom friendly. This service provides a pathway to location freedom, which fits perfectly with the sovereign ethos of Bitcoin.

Cybersecurity and IT Services

Leveraging over 25 years of experience in cybersecurity, we offer extensive services to secure clients' digital environments, including network and router security, enhancing online privacy, and more.

Engage with The Bitcoin Way

Join us at The Bitcoin Way, where financial independence and sovereignty through Bitcoin aren't just concepts—they're a reality we help you achieve. Whether you’re new to Bitcoin or looking to refine your custody solution, our team is here to guide you to mastery.

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