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I use the service

"... and find it to be fantastic!"

I use the service and find it to be fantastic

"I use the service and find it to be fantastic..."

Worth it for the peace of mind

"Thanks to the Bitcoin Way for providing me with the best possible air gapped solution. I can sleep easy knowing my Bitcoin is perfectly secure now :)"

Unbelievable service from an exceptional team

"After deciding I wanted to self-custody, but having no idea where to start, I’m so grateful to have found The Bitcoin Way. Every call has been a combination of setting up each part of the system, answering my general questions, and reassuring me that the system I’m implementing is air-tight. All the team members an exceptional. Tony’s sage advice of “this is not a race” is one example of something I needed to hear. And their communication between calls has been exceptional. The Bitcoin Way is allowing a middle-aged man to set up his family for financial security in the coming decades. Without them this wouldn’t be possible. What a gift..."

Absolutely Superb and thorough team

"After 4 years and thousands of hours worth of study in Bitcoin, I was under the belief my cold storage setup was 100% secure. It took Tony a few minutes to find several flaws in what I had implemented... We went through my setup in a systematic way and it is now completely sound and secure. The whole team are amazing ... Incredibly grateful for the time Tony has taken to make sure that my sats will never be lost or hacked. Completely self sovereign ... No better team in Bitcoin to secure your generational wealth..."

Saves a lot of time to get the peace of mind you want

"I postponed this longer than I should have because I thought I would be able to figure out by myself ... but it would have taken me many hours. Hours I don't have. These guys saved me a lot of time and provided a shortcut to do the best setup and learn how to do it as well. Highly recommended!"