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The Bitcoin Way 5 Star ratingsThe Bitcoin Way 5 Star ratingsThe Bitcoin Way 5 Star ratingsThe Bitcoin Way 5 Star ratingsThe Bitcoin Way 5 Star ratings
Rated 4.9/5.00 on Apollo

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An absolutely invaluable service thats quick, easy and painless.

"Tony and the team at The Bitcoin Way did an amazing job helping me increase my security with my current wallet set up... Great guys who provide an invaluable service. Worth every SAT. Blown away by the entire experience! 10/10! Highly recommend."

The Bitcoin Way are my first choice to secure my bitcoin

"The Bitcoin way team were fantastic to work with. They helped me get my bitcoin into deep cold storage as well as securing my computer for the best protection possible.They also helped me set up my own node, keeping me private... The team made the process so easy & fluent..."

Bitcoin way is the WAY to go

"Tony and his crew were very professional and helped me get through the process of being a sovereign owner of bitcoin... "

Worth Every Sat

"The Bitcoin Way are the Jedi’s leading the fight for freedom. We LOVE working with them and will continue to do so for support along our self custody journey in this new era of self reliance. They are on humanity’s side and that is so apparent from the moment you meet them..."

The Bitcoin Way - A Great Experience

"I had a great experience with The Bitcoin Way. I had gotten the name of the company and the background on what they do while listening to the Bitcoin Standard Podcast which I would highly recommend in addition to considering use of the Bitcoin Way to secure your set up for self custody of Bitcoin. The process is fairly straight forward in terms of the set up..."

The Bitcoin Way Is The Best!

"I had a great experience with The Bitcoin Way! They are trustworthy and securely walk you through how to buy and bring your Bitcoin into self-custody. When you are on your own trying to figure out what the best options are for buying and storing your Bitcoin, it can be confusing, daunting and you can make mistakes. But with The Bitcoin Way they walked me through step by step..."