Prague 2024 - Czech Your Financial Privilege

Rick Messitt

Written By Rick Messitt: Content creator and Bitcoin educator at The Bitcoin Way.

We’ve finally arrived home from an amazing trip to the Czech Republic after once again attending Europe’s best Bitcoin only conference, Bitcoin Prague.

It was a truly special moment for the team to return a year later to attend the same conference where The Bitcoin Way’s genesis block was mined, and the business was first launched. And this year, we showed up with new team members, new partnerships, and a whole host of brand-new services to showcase.

We love nothing more than supporting our clients from all over the world and making sure their Bitcoin remains firmly in their possession, and as you might expect, the vast majority of our work is done remotely. But getting the opportunity to meet some of you in person and celebrate face to face with our ever-growing family? Well… that gives us a boost of energy that would make any Bitcoin miner salivate, go weak at the knees, and need to steady themselves on the nearest piece of furniture.

But if you didn’t manage to make it this year, fear not. We never leave a man behind, so we captured some epic highlights for you to make sure you still feel part of the action!

The Bitcoin Way – Making A Stand

If you’re a regular subscriber to our newsletter and podcast you’ll already know we aren’t afraid to make a stand against the vampiric central bankers and their corrupt Government puppets. But when we aren’t making a stand in the metaphorical sense, we’d like to think we do a half decent job at making an actual stand when we attend a Bitcoin conference too.

And guess what?  YOU all played a big part in that! Given you always give us such lovely feedback about our newsletter and our tongue-in-cheek memes, what better way to translate our unapologetic message into ‘meat-space’ than by taking some of your favourite content and blowing it up to full size! Because what Bitcoin stand would be complete without the liberal application of laser eyes, firearms and the original message included in Bitcoin’s genesis block by none other than Satoshi himself!

As for the more eagle eyed amongst you, you might have also noticed the orange carpet. But this isn’t just any orange carpet. It’s Bitcoin orange. If you’re already a client of The Bitcoin Way, then it’s unlikely that our attention to detail has been lost on you. So yes, we made sure it was just the right shade of freedom.

And as you will have already gathered, helping our clients secure their freedom is what drives us. So, yours truly couldn’t possibly show up in anything other than the ultimate Bitcoiner attire, a traditional highland kilt made from only the finest Scottish wool. A true Bitcoiner, much like a true Scotsman, needs to be able to sun their balls at a moment’s notice.

We may have been called many things in our time, but ‘shrinking violets’ would not be one of them!

The Bitcoin Way – Speaking Truth to Power

And when we weren’t manning our stand to make sure the ranks of self-sovereign and unconfiscatable Bitcoiners continues to grow, we were delighted to be asked by the event organisers to share our message on stage.

As it turns out, not only do the team at Bitcoin Prague know how to set up and host one hell of an event, but they are also just the right amount of crazy to allow Tony and myself a microphone, a giant screen and free reign to say whatever we want! We aren’t quite sure whether that’s an act of stupidity or bravery on their part, but we weren’t about to turn down the opportunity!

Tony was the first to take to the stage to share his powerful story of experiencing firsthand how painfully real the fiat money nightmare can become. In true Tony fashion, he held nothing back as he explained how he went from a comfortable and successful businessman enjoying the fruits of his labour, to waking up to discover he had been completely wiped out by the malaise of the Lebanese banking system, losing everything overnight. His powerful talk really drives home the fact that the monetary battle we find ourselves in is far more than just an intellectual curiosity and that the stakes are very high and very real. If you weren’t awake and paying attention before his talk, you certainly would be afterwards.

To say that Tony is passionate about what he does would be a huge understatement. Bitcoin gave Tony the lifeline he needed in his darkest moments. And now with co-founders Endi and Ahmed by his side, he channels his endless passion and cyber security expertise into making sure more people can find the Bitcoin lifeboat, and most importantly, learn how to sail it safely.

And later, with knees knocking and a frog in my throat it was my turn to share my own real-world experience of losing everything. If you weren’t already aware, the guy writing you these newsletters each week is the same guy that went viral on Twitter last November as my father and I travelled to the Adopting BTC conference in El Salvador only to discover that we had been hacked and that our attackers had made off with our entire stack. 25 Bitcoin that we had patiently hodled for over a decade, gone forever.

Yeah… that one stung just a little.

The reality of my own financial catastrophe is that my self-custody setup simply wasn’t robust enough and was not fit for purpose. A classic case of ‘close, but no cigar’.

Much like Tony, my mission is to share this painful story to make sure that people understand the serious consequences of not getting their own self custody setup right first time around. Bitcoin doesn’t come with a safety net and there are no second chances. Unfortunately for me, I became the ultimate case study in why it makes sense to hire cyber security experts to make sure you don’t suffer the same fate. If sharing my story can help even a handful of Bitcoiners avoid suffering the same fate, then it is my duty to do so.

The Bitcoin Way – More Than Just a Business

Given the experiences of our team we hope it’s abundantly clear that we aren’t just here to build a successful business. For us this isn’t a job, it’s a calling. Bitcoin is our ikigai.

Bitcoin will only succeed if collectively we all make it succeed. The powers we stand against are powerful, unscrupulous and possess near infinite resources. To ensure total victory and finally free the world from financial tyranny we need to grow the ranks of Bitcoiners that are well trained, confident, and able to leverage the powerful new weapon that is Bitcoin to devastating effect.

Making sure that Bitcoiners remain secure and protect their family’s wealth for generations is why we are here. When the only alternative is financial slavery, then you can bet that come hell or high water, we will be here to the bitter end supporting our clients. No amount of price volatility, Government pressure or poorly researched media FUD will ever shake us out and we know you feel the same way. To cut a long story short, no matter what happens, we ain’t f*ckin leaving!

Hungry For More Bitcoin Content?

Hopefully this brief glimpse into our adventures in Prague has whet your appetite and left you even hungrier for more straight-talking Bitcoin content.

Well, if that’s the case, then you’ll be pleased to know that this is a mere appetiser to the veritable banquet of no-nonsense content we are currently cooking up for you.

We are currently waiting with bated breath for the video footage from our talks to be uploaded to the Bitcoin Prague YouTube channel and we also had our own media team on site helping us create some brand-new video content with the team. This year you’re going to see us bang the drum louder than ever before and it’s your support that has helped us get here. We can’t wait to share what we have been working on with you.

But if you find yourself completely insatiable then don’t worry. There’s plenty of new content to get your lips around in the meantime as Tony’s inbox overflows with invites to some of the best Bitcoin podcasts in the biz.

You can check out his latest interview with Natalie Brunell here:

And as if that wasn’t enough you can also check out this amazing interview Tony had with our favourite Bitcoin podcast from down under, the G’day Bitcoin podcast with Sean Clarke:

Yeah…. We’re not quite sure when Tony sleeps either!

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Did these stories resonate with you? Are you ready to make sure your Bitcoin remains unconfiscatable and that your wealth is maintained for generations to come? Then that means you’re taking this as seriously as we are, and we’d love for you to join our growing clan of well trained, self-sovereign and ungovernable Bitcoiners.

If we could make sure you understood just one thing, it’s that it’s never too early to take your Bitcoin security and privacy seriously.  It won’t surprise you to learn that I wish I had taken action a lot sooner than I did and kept hold of my stack rather than losing everything to hackers because our self-custody setup wasn’t up to scratch.

If you’re ready to sleep a little easier at night, then jump on a call with us and get to know us a little better. The first call will cost you nothing so what have you got to lose? Well, except your Bitcoin if you continue to put it off until later….

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