An ounce of resistance

It has never been easier to vote against the status quo.

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan is the Chief Revenue Officer of The Bitcoin Way and host of The Bitcoin Way Podcast.

You’ve perhaps noticed that most of our important societal infrastructure are beginning to show cracks in the foundation.

The US education system has students falling further and further behind, all the while prioritizing the once-settled topics of gender and sexuality over the three R’s.

The food we eat is a short step from full-blown toxicity, with added sugars, highly processed oils, and dyes and colorings added to nearly everything.

Entertainment is becoming more passive, more sexualized, more violent, and often all three. Gone are the days of the great outdoors serving as our playground; we instead hole up inside for Netflix, violent video games, social media and porn.

Raising a family is billed as a burden on our finances and freedom, never mind the alleged impact that kids have on climate.

And most recently, the fragility of our financial system has come into focus for many, with inflation running hot (and under-reported), rising prices blamed on you, and reports on jobs setup to include second jobs and part-time gigs, and to exclude those who have given up on finding anything at all.

Even a non-tinfoil-hatter can see the beast before us.

It is a beast that we feed with each child send to public indoctrination cam… - er, I mean, “school.” We feed it each time we opt for expedience (peanut butter and jelly on white bread) over nutritional density (steak and eggs) at the grocery store. And each time we extend our sedentary days into TV- and TikTok-fueled evenings. We feed the beast when we believe the lie that raising kids is a form of unaffordable imprisonment that leads to rising oceans and melting ice caps.

And we feed the beast when we buy endless government bonds (debt) that is turned around to fuel bigger and bigger deficits, less and less useful wars, and more and more programs that never help those most in need.

A means for starving the beast in one way or another has always existed. We can, and should, consider homeschooling or hybrid/private educational arrangements. We can buy local food from which we know the source or, better yet, grow and raise our own. We can set down the remote and pick up a book. Or take a walk outside or reconvene with friends on a more regular basis. We can have babies and ignore the nonsensical warnings of the elitists whose motivations have no connection to our well being or happiness.

All of these decisions would serve to weaken the powerful grip of government and government-proxy control and manipulation in which we’ve found ourselves.

It wasn’t until recently, however, that we could starve the monetary beast that is the fiat financial system. But now, we have Bitcoin.

Each dollar or euro or yen that you exchange for Bitcoin is a peaceful but crucial act of resistance against a system marked by control, manipulation, and centralized power. If we all opt out together, we can starve the fiat beast - the source of so much pain, financial insecurity, and productivity loss - and bring about a new, brighter future.

Buy Bitcoin and drop your national currency where you can. An ounce of resistance is worth a pound of revolution. Let’s make small, thoughtful choices now to avoid the need for greater, more consequential action down the road.

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