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The Bitcoin Way

Master Bitcoin Self-Custody and Cybersecurity

Our team, with over 25 years of cybersecurity expertise, will teach you how to secure your Bitcoin and protect your devices from online threats. Get onboarded with confidence.

The Bitcoin Way Team


Our 3 steps to freedom

We are an elite team of cybersecurity and Bitcoin experts dedicated to empowering your pursuit of financial freedom.

Secure Your Bitcoin in Self-Custody

Gain hands-on training to own, secure, and use your Bitcoin privately.

Protect YOUR devices WITH CASPER

Shield against online threats with robust cybersecurity defenses.

Diversify Citizenship & Secure Your Future

Relocate to where you're respected and valued the most.

Step 1

Secure your Bitcoin in self custody

Your Bitcoin should be your Bitcoin. The Bitcoin Way helps you understand and use Bitcoin privately, teaching you how to keep it secure and truly own it.

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Wallets & Nodes

Securely establish your digital assets.

Bitcoin purchase
buying Bitcoin

Secure options for buying Bitcoin.

Bitcoin privacy
privacy measures

Protect Bitcoin transaction privacy.


Advanced Bitcoin security.


Shield against online threats.


Plan Bitcoin asset transfer thoughtfully.

Step 2

Protect your devices with Casper - a Privacy Guardian

In a world of increasing mass surveillance, censorship, and government overreach, safeguarding your online presence and sensitive information with robust cybersecurity and encryption is essential.

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Globe with lock
Unified Approach to Privacy

Stay safe online regardless of your WiFi connection.

Key with exclamation point
blazing fast Zero CONFIG VPNs

Instantly create secure connections with just one click.

modern FIREWALLs AND secure DNS

AI-driven real-time threat detection and protection.

Step 3

Diversify your citizenship with Plan B

The world is changing rapidly. The Bitcoin Way understands your desire for a stable future with the freedom to explore new horizons. Relocate to where you're valued and respected most.

explore your options
Tailored Solutions

Get help finding the right citizenship program for you.

Focus on Freedom

Find a jurisdiction that will allow you to meet your goals.

Expert Guidance

We handle the complexities of the process for you.

We make Bitcoin security easy for all

From beginners to experts

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5 stars for the btc way!

"I highly recommend the services offered by the Bitcoin way to anyone looking for a secure self custody setup. I have had a great experience working with the entire team and I fully intend to continue working with them to ensure my setup remains state of the art. I am glad to have found this company!"

Excellent Support for Bitcoin Self Custody

First off, The Bitcoin Way is a fantastic service with people involved that obviously care deeply about the Bitcoin ethos. They are not just offering a product or service, they are contributing to bitcoin's future and strengthening the network by helping normies like me self custody properly and run my own node. I purchased a package that included improving overall digital security, setup of a node, and proper setup of self custody with a signing device. I am a casual/proficient tech user who...

Peace of Mind with The Bitcoin Way

"Just one wrong click or lapse of judgement and your entire stack could be gone! Not when you have The Bitcoin Way on your team. These guys know security, and they'll walk you through everything you need to know... I can't recommend The Bitcoin Way enough. We know bitcoin is the future... Don't risk losing it all. Get signed up with The Bitcoin Way!"

The Bitcoin Way = personal support team

"The Bitcoin Way has provided me with the confidence to fully embrace bitcoin in self custody.  They were beyond helpful... Their team is very professional and patient..This is one of the best investments I have made knowing I have an experienced IT support team on stand by.  Would highly recommend their services to anyone..."

Wonderful experience!

"Ahmed has been the most professional and compassionate individuals I have ever had the pleasure of working with in my professional and personal life. I would give The Bitcoin Way 10 stars for outstanding customer support and attention to my personal needs from start to finish...Cheers to The Bitcoin Way!"

Service and Value Delivered = The Expectations That Were Set

"I was skeptical that my experience would match what was promised, but now that I have finished the consultations, I can say it was EXACTLY what was promised... My new cold storage plan is world-class, and easy to use. The Bitcoin Way folks took me through each step in each category of work we completed so everything was configured correctly and that I understood how to use it well after the call..."

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Anyone can protect their Bitcoin. Age is not a factor.

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