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What we do

The Bitcoin Way helps people and businesses understand and use Bitcoin in a safe and private way. We teach you how to keep your Bitcoin secure and make sure you truly own it. Our goal is to make Bitcoin easy to understand and use, so everyone can protect their money for the future.

A team with deep cybersecurity expertise

Tony Yazbeck - The Bitcoin Way
Tony Yazbeck
Endi Zekaj - The Bitcoin Way
Endi Zekaj
Ahmed Hammad at The Bitcoin Way
Ahmed Hammad
Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan
Rick Messitt
Rick Messitt

Our values


At The Bitcoin Way, we prioritize clear, honest communication with our clients. We believe trust is the foundation of our relationship, ensuring clients are informed and confident in our processes.


Your wealth, your control. We stand for the security of your assets through robust self-custody practices, ensuring your Bitcoin journey is both safe and autonomous.


Bitcoin's world can be complex, but we strive to make it simple for you. Simplifying the technical aspects without compromising on thoroughness, we make protecting your wealth straightforward and understandable.
The Bitcoin Way 5 Star ratingsThe Bitcoin Way 5 Star ratingsThe Bitcoin Way 5 Star ratingsThe Bitcoin Way 5 Star ratingsThe Bitcoin Way 5 Star ratings
Rated 4.9/5.00 on Apollo

We help beginners and experts of all ages

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I cannot endorse The Bitcoin Way enough.

If you are serious about getting into bitcoin and you are confused, or you are savvy and are looking to up your bitcoin game, I cannot endorse enough. Well worth the investment. Don’t cut corners. Don’t be cheap. Don’t settle for second best. There is The Bitcoin Way and everything else. You left the shitcoins behind, leave the other bitcoin posers behind.

They are the real deal.

If you are serious about transitioning to the bitcoin life, sign up for their services. There are a lot of pretenders in this space. They are the real deal. Freedom fighters who truly believe in bitcoin.

The process was very thorough and informative.

I can personally say I’ve learned a lot from The Bitcoin Way. They helped me set up a wallet from scratch and the process was very thorough and informative.

They are beyond patient

These guys are legit. They spent multiple sessions helping me trouble shoot wallet and node issues during initial set up. They are beyond patient and help you learn how to do things the right way

I highly recommend people use services like The Bitcoin Way

Yes I could have saved money and done it all myself, but instead of months I did it in days with no hiccups. I highly recommend people use services like The Bitcoin Way this is your generational wealth you’re protecting. Don’t be short sighted to save fiat but then lose sats!

The guys at The Bitcoin Way really don't mess around!

My new and improved self custody setup is coming along nicely The guys really don't mess around!

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