Protect Your Devices With Casper

A state-of-the-art privacy guardian developed to provide robust protection for your online activities.

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Unified Approach to Privacy

Stay safe online regardless of your WiFi connection.

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blazing fast Zero CONFIG VPNs

Instantly create secure connections with just one click.

modern FIREWALLs AND secure DNS

AI-driven real-time threat detection and protection.

We empower you to become a formidable force of independence.

In today's world, where mass surveillance, censorship, and government overreach are on the rise, it's crucial to protect your sensitive information with end-to-end encryption, both online and offline.

We are proud to introduce Casper

KEY FEATURES: Multiple Defenses, ONE experience

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    Robust Privacy VPN
    Prioritize your anonymity with a high-speed VPN, designed to shield your internet activities from intrusive eyes with a direct, no-fuss approach. Access to over 600 blazing fast servers globally.
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    Zero-Config VPN
    Instantly create secure connections across devices with just one click—a vital tool for seamless and secure connectivity, whether you’re remote working or managing numerous devices.
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    State-of-the-Art Firewall and DNS
    Stay ahead of threats with a modern firewall and DNS enhanced with AI-driven threat detection and cryptojacking protection. It blocks unauthorized cryptocurrency mining, ads, and trackers on websites and apps, while also offering advanced features such as phishing protection, content filtering, and much more.
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A Unified Approach to Privacy and Security

Casper simplifies your security needs by combining essential tools into a single, streamlined configuration. This comprehensive service not only protects your computers and mobile devices but also empowers you to take control of your online privacy effortlessly.