Our Bitcoin Consultation Process

Explore The Bitcoin Way's consultation process, ensuring top-notch privacy and security for Bitcoin users.

Privacy & Security

At The Bitcoin Way, our core mission is to provide a safe, secure, and private environment for Bitcoin users. Understanding the nuances of Bitcoin requires not just technical knowledge but also a deep respect for the privacy and security concerns that comes with Bitcoin. Our consultation process is meticulously designed to uphold these principles, offering our clients a seamless and secure experience from the very first interaction.

Secure Scheduling

For scheduling consultations, we've chosen Cal.com, an open-source scheduling tool that aligns with our commitment to privacy and security. The open-source nature of Cal.com ensures a higher degree of transparency and reliability, essential in the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Understanding the importance of privacy, we've implemented a policy in our scheduling process that doesn't require you to use any personally identifying information. When booking a call with us, you have the option to use a fake name and an alias or a non-identifying email address. This practice is part of our broader effort to respect and protect the anonymity of our clients, a cornerstone of the Bitcoin philosophy.

Our approach to scheduling and client interactions is designed to make the process as secure and private as possible, reflecting our dedication to upholding the privacy standards expected in the Bitcoin community.

Encrypted Communication

In our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of privacy and security, we utilize Jitsi Meet and Cal.com's inbuilt video app for initial communications and consultations. Jitsi Meet is renowned for its strong encryption protocols, making it an ideal choice for ensuring that our conversations are not only private but also secure from potential eavesdropping or data breaches.

Both Jitsi Meet and Cal.com's video app are designed to prioritize user privacy and security, ensuring that all discussions remain confidential. These platforms are chosen specifically for their robust security features, which align with our philosophy of maintaining the utmost confidentiality and security in all client interactions.

Private Key Management

In our consultations, we emphasize the utmost privacy and security during the private key generation and management process. While we guide our clients through every step, the actual generation and management of private keys are conducted entirely under their control. This hands-off approach ensures that private keys, which are fundamental to Bitcoin security, remain confidential and solely in the client's possession.

We inform clients in advance when the key generation process will occur and encourage them to take their time to write down their keys and verify them thoroughly. Our consultants will never ask to see, hear, or know your private keys. The same level of privacy is maintained for any sensitive information that may arise during the consultation process. Everything is tailored to respect your privacy and security, ensuring that you are the sole keeper of your keys and sensitive data.

Handling Sensitive Info with Care

In certain phases of our consultation, screen sharing may be necessary to offer more detailed and practical guidance. This is particularly useful when we are assisting you with specific software setups or troubleshooting issues. However, we approach this aspect of our service with a deep respect for your privacy and security.

Our process ensures that you, the client, are always in complete control of the screen sharing session. Before initiating screen sharing, we discuss with you what will be displayed, and we provide clear instructions on how to share only the relevant parts of your screen. This ensures that no sensitive information, such as personal documents or other confidential data, is unintentionally exposed.

Ongoing Support

At The Bitcoin Way, we recognize that the journey to Bitcoin self-custody extends beyond the initial consultation. To provide continuous support and address any subsequent queries or concerns, we maintain communication with our clients through encrypted messaging apps such as Signal or Telegram. These platforms are chosen for their robust encryption protocols, which ensure that our conversations remain confidential and secure.

We offer these secure communication channels as part of our commitment to provide ongoing support in your Bitcoin journey. Whether you have follow-up questions, need clarification on a particular aspect of Bitcoin management, or encounter new challenges, our team is just a message away. We understand that navigating Bitcoin can be a continuous learning process, and we are here to provide the guidance you need, when you need it.

Furthermore, we respect your preferences and comfort levels when it comes to communication. If there's another messaging app that you are more comfortable with, we are open to accommodating your choice. We also offer support via email for those who prefer a more traditional method of communication. Our goal is to ensure that you have easy and secure access to our expertise, allowing you to manage your Bitcoin holdings with confidence and peace of mind.

Commitment to No-KYC Integrity

Upholding the No-KYC PrincipleIn every aspect of our service, we at The Bitcoin Way emphasize the importance of privacy and confidentiality, especially in an era where digital privacy is increasingly under threat. This commitment is exemplified in our steadfast adherence to a no-KYC (Know Your Customer) policy. We understand that the essence of Bitcoin is rooted in its decentralized and anonymous nature, and our no-KYC approach is a direct reflection of these foundational principles.

Our no-KYC policy means that we do not require any personally identifiable information from our clients. When you engage with us for consultations or services, your identity remains under your control. This approach not only respects your privacy but also aligns with the core ethos of Bitcoin, which advocates for financial sovereignty without the need for intermediaries.

Personalized Consultations

At The Bitcoin Way, we understand that each client brings a unique set of requirements and expectations to the table. Our consultation process is meticulously designed to accommodate these individual differences. We delve deep into understanding your specific needs, whether you're just starting out with Bitcoin or have been in the space for a while. Our goal is to craft a consultation experience that aligns perfectly with your technical abilities, security concerns, and overall objectives.

This individualized approach ensures that the solutions we offer are not just effective but also resonate with your personal Bitcoin journey. From assessing your current understanding of Bitcoin to identifying your security needs, every aspect of our consultation is customized to provide you with the most relevant and practical advice.

Open or Verifiable Source Recommendations

In our quest to offer the highest standards of security and transparency, The Bitcoin Way strictly recommends hardware and software that are either open-source or from verifiable sources. This principle is central to our ethos, as we believe in the importance of using tools that are immune to censorship and free from the risks associated with chain analysis.

Our recommendations are carefully selected, ensuring that they align with the best practices in the Bitcoin ecosystem. We guide you to source these tools directly from their official manufacturers or verified websites, ensuring authenticity and reliability. Our approach is uncompromising; we insist on thoroughness and precision in every step of the setup process. By recommending only the most trustworthy tools, we aim to provide you with a secure and transparent Bitcoin management experience.

Trust and Transparency

At The Bitcoin Way, we see our consultation services not just as a provision of expertise but as the foundation for a trusting and transparent partnership in your journey towards Bitcoin sovereignty. Since our operational debut in June 2023 at BTCPrague (https://www.btcprague.com/), we've been actively engaging with the community and building our presence in the Bitcoin space. Our approach is rooted in transparency and verification; we encourage our clients to thoroughly vet us before engaging our services. Our team members are visible and active on platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn, with our faces and names public, underscoring our commitment to openness.

Collaborating with reputable companies and individuals within the Bitcoin ecosystem, we have established ourselves as a reliable and trustworthy entity. We are continuously working to enhance our visibility and credibility in the market, striving to provide solutions and tools that significantly improve our clients' privacy and security.

In our pursuit of transparency, we have also accumulated reviews on Apollo (https://heyapollo.com/product/the-bitcoin-way), a verified Bitcoin-only platform. These reviews are a testament to our dedication and the trust our clients place in us. We believe in the importance of 'Don't Trust, Verify' in every aspect of our business, and we invite our clients to apply this principle when choosing to work with us.

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