Cold Wallet Setup

Your money, your control.

Assistance in Selection
Receive personalized guidance in choosing the hardware wallet that fits your needs.
Air-Gapped Setup
Safeguard your assets by getting help configuring your wallet in an air-gapped mode.
Mobile and Desktop Wallet Integration
Effortlessly integrate your hardware wallet with mobile and desktop platforms for seamless, anytime access.
Comprehensive Testing
Ensure the robustness and reliability of your setup with our thorough testing procedures.

The Journey

Personalized Consultation

Begin your journey with a one-on-one consultation to understand your requirements and introduce you to various open source hardware wallet options.

Secure Setup

Move forward with a secure, air-gapped setup of your chosen hardware wallet, guided by our expert team.


Successfully integrate your hardware wallet with desktop and mobile platforms for convenient and secure access to your assets.

Testing and Verification

Conclude your setup journey with extensive testing to ensure everything works seamlessly, providing you with confidence and assurance in your hardware wallet setup.

Secure your assets now!

Navigate the path to secure Bitcoin management with personalized, step-by-step assistance

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