Inheritance Planning

Protect your Bitcoin legacy for generations to come

Future-Proof Your Bitcoin
Plan and secure your Bitcoin assets for the future.
Pass on your Bitcoin Legacy
Protect and pass on your wealth to your loved ones properly.
Privacy and Security
Maintain your privacy and avoid unnecessary scrutiny.
Strategic Support
Advice and guidance throughout the process.

The Journey


Our experts will evaluate your current Bitcoin holdings and storage strategy to identify any potential vulnerabilities or gaps in your plan. The Bitcoin Way works with you to establish your goals for inheritance planning, taking into account your personal circumstances and preferences.


Based on our assessment and your goals, our team will create a customized storage strategy that is tailored to your needs. Expert guidance and technical assistance are provided for selecting and setting up a secure hardware wallet, ensuring safe Bitcoin storage. Our team will advise you on how to create backups and redundancies to protect your Bitcoin in case of unexpected events.

Education and Training

Our experts will provide education and training on Bitcoin inheritance planning, so you can understand the process and feel confident in your plan. Support and guidance is assisted to you, to ensure that your plan remains up-to-date and effective.

Peace of Mind

With our Inheritance Planning Service, you can have peace of mind that your Bitcoin will be safely passed down to your heirs. You can rest assured that your hard-earned wealth will be protected for generations to come.

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